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SannKofamaan has been building quite a hype since we first announced it in DECEMBER  yes … yes … we know its been two months shame on us, but hey when you have creative lords like Akinseye Brown on story telling and lines along side Raphael Kazeem on the colors (yes him, back from having a head on collision with what looked like Dooms Day) glad to have him back.

Akinseye Brown Founder of SOKOYA PROD LLC spawned out the character years ago, and we all know how addicted Vortex is to amazing creators with World eloping ideas.












Who Is Sannkofamaan?

Origin: Vowing to put his Doctorate degree in Quantum Physics to good use, Dr. Derek Daren agrees to act as consultant on a unique mining operation for a mineral called Tacytite in West Africa. Tacytite was a newly discovered mineral and Derek had many ideas for its beneficial application for West Africans. When organized thieves attempt to steal the prototype of these applications they expose Derek to the highly violate form of the mineral. After his accident Derek discovers his physiology amazingly altered. Recognizing his new ability to multiple his form nearly an infinite amount of times, Derek, joins a covert group of paranormal African men and women called the Sannkofamen, whose purpose is to protect Africa from global powers that attempt to plunder its natural resources. Derek as Sannkofamaan becomes a worthy ally among his peers and a valiant hero among Africans worldwide.

Profile: 6’/ Weight: 190 lbs. /Hair: Dark Brown / Eyes: Dark Brown

What are his Powers?

Dr. Derek Daren has the ability to multiple himself by any number he wishes, thereby creating as many conscious, physical, free thinking other “selves” as he chooses. Although the very foundation of his abnormal abilities remains a mystery to him, Dr. Daren, as well as his other selves, once multiplied and within physical contact of each other, also have the ability to perform great feats of strength, speed, agility and flight. Interestingly enough, the more “selves” that Dr. Daren creates, the more his strength, speed and agility becomes enhanced. Dr. Daren himself has instituted experiments with his abilities, which have resulted in him being able to fly at or near the speed of sound by multiplying himself nearly 200 times. In other instances Dr. Daren has been able to bench press a Hummer vehicle with just 3 other selves. Dr. Daren must always be in physical contact with his other selves at all times once they are created or risk them disappearing within ten seconds.













DR. KWODJO AFOAKWA is from Tamale, Ghana. He is a politician and a full time member of the African Union. Dr. Afoakwa has secretly used his resources and connections via the AU to found the Sannkofamaan Organization. Dr. Afoakwa is normal male with the physical abilities and skill sets of an average middle-aged adult. Dr. Afoakwa possess a superior knowledge of world history and science. Dr. Afoakwa is a brilliant leader and strategist.




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Sannkofamaan; What you need to know
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