Poly-groove “The Comic” – Preview

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The ITT Scheming, Mark walking into the devils pot … & Rocco’s in a Mid-life crisis.  Welcome to Poly-groove, nothings normal here.

Created & Illustrated By

Ekene Nwonye

Written By

Titilope Adesanya

GENRE: Modern satire
SETTING: Newgos 2010, palm trees, sea breeze and the Good people of Polygroove, Newgos city.
PLOT: Four young adults of different ethnicity and origin with big dreams and personalities, journey to the big city of Newgos in the pursuit of happiness.
Inadvertently, becoming guinea pigs in what is actually a secret organization’s utopian new world order-ish pet project. They go on all sort of crazy adventures in their private and social environment, and encounter the weird to the insane in trying to discover their purpose and meaning, all the time being watched closely by the ITT, the secret organization’s watchdog.
Being of regular upbringings (with few exceptions), they soon find things aren’t very normal in Polygroove.
THEME: Pan-African, international.
LOCATION: Somewhere In Africa.

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