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HERO LOMO (or Hero Extra) is an animated short that brings Vortex Comics’ heroes closer to home. It imagines everyday Nigerians (and by extension Africans) in the shoes of the Vortex characters.

Spurred from the humor of what Nigerians would be like in the heroes’ shoes, it’s a quirky, fun way to voice out and gently poke fun at issues facing the country. The first episode sees Bolaji Coker, aka Strike Guard serving as a power source for the infamous PHCN (in my case ECG). While humorous and subtle, it is a powerful expression of people’s frustrations and a call on everyone to invest their efforts into finding and implementing alternative power solutions.


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Hero Lomo is for everyone and frankly, an awesome way to nurture tomorrow’s leaders to think creatively about issues facing them.

It’s nice how heroes are strung from the vortex and I especially enjoyed the fleeting exploration of the dangers of the dark as a result of power outages, inspiring street names like Juju Possessed Street where Strike Guard is said to lurk, giving varsity students the spooks.

Written by Kunle Brick Popoola, the series looks to offer comic relief so people can escape their realities, if only temporarily. It is also testament to the potential of animation to lead discourses in the least intrusive way.

Maybe I’m asking too much but I thought the “lorem ipsum” filler text in the newspaper clippings were disappointing. It’ll be cool to see some real text instead. People tend to read that stuff. Besides that, everything looks sweet.

Enjoy Hero Lomo below.

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