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A scientist failed when trying to revive his little boy with a scientific experiment after his wife was killed, as a result of his refusal to join the Chimera Sect.  Obviously, the boy survived after being buried: In his grave, with the help of his psychic powers, he summoned a passerby. The stranger dug him out and later took him to his home where he was raised.


Parents were killed by a deadly disease unleashed in a Small Village.  Fortunately, her immune system was extraordinary and her genes got mutated into something mysterious that gave her supernatural powers. When she realized she was the only survivor and victim of chimeras’ plot designed to control the world population.


Raised by a detective mother who was killed while investigating a lead to a crime that implicates some chimera members. Blue wreck enrolled in the police to find out the killers and avenge his mother. He had to go vigilante by Night when he found out the culprits were the society’s top notch.  And that is how the idea of blue wreck came to be.























A boy accidentally dashed into a secret solar energy harnessing plant by the chimera science corps with his hover board. He later transformed into a powerful young lad. Though his father is a chimera, but he left him and the mother a long time ago.


A tech guy with tremendous knowledge and militia training, he hates the evil perpetuated by the chimera on the sector Greenland where he comes from.

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