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Hi Guys my Name is Majek Itama … yes the one from the Town Crier unreleased TV Show, hope the weekend was as relaxing as it was for the team as no one clearly was at the Office even with our spill over dead lines to publish titles, We have something special for you today!

We have been talking to some really amazing women who have thrived in thier field across various industries of Media and although this was planned for the last day of Women History Month (31st March) we realized that there doesn’t have to be a season to celebrate amazing people cause of gender. In the house today we have  Steph, Kel & Dele!

These Interview was drafted by Bamidele Sogbesan “in an alternate universe of reality” . Guest:  Stephanie Hegarty (BBC Nigeria Producer) , Kelechi Ohia (Show Host COOL TV , Award Winning Recording Artist)  & Bamidele Sogbesan (Queen Vortex Affairs UK, Editor -In -Chief Vortex Comics).



” Hi Ladies! My name is Majek Itama and you’re welcome to “Dear Majek!” … so er … i’ll start from, Kel! In today’s world, how would you define the term ‘ a strong woman‘ ”







“*Sarcastic giggle* Hi Mr. Itama …. A strong woman is a woman who keeps her head above it all. She knows what she wants and goes for it, she doesn’t wait for opportunities to be handed to her, she takes it. She isn’t intimidated by anyone’s opinions of her, she isn’t threatened by another’s success. She lifts up other strong women, she doesn’t put them down with disparaging remarks. She doesn’t dim her light because of any man. She holds down her home, family, and business. Above all, she knows the most powerful position is on her knees in prayer.



” Defined! Hmm … Down on her knees in Prayer … interesting, Steph! Glad to have you on DEAR MAJEK! Yes! we heard that you have sent some agents of the MI6 to terminate the artist who commissioned your illustration .. Tell me “Do you think womanhood has to do with age or maturity? Why?”




” Looking up from laptop … oh yeah… Hi Majek!  Uhm …

I don’t know if I believe in maturity. But I do know that when I was younger I was convinced, in a block-headed kind of way, that women and men were the same – not just equal but the same. I hated anything to do with being a girl. I hated dolls, I refused to wear skirts and dresses and I hated the color pink and I was convinced that it was society that was forcing us to be different.  As I got older I began to see that women and men are different. We react to things differently, we see things differently and we interact with each other in very different ways. I think my younger self refused to acknowledge this because I was afraid that going down that road was to admit that women are inferior. Now I’m proud of my female-ness. I think it gives me a perceptive that is invaluable because it’s different from the mainstream, from the establishment which is still, so overwhelmingly, male. But that’s not to say I’ve matured. Life is a path we’re amble down our whole lives through, I don’t think you ever arrive at womanhood it’s an idea you grapple with all the way along and then – probably just before you figure it all out – you’re gone.



” Deep and personal, sometimes i wish i was a woman … i once dressed as a woman once … or twice … and.. the end! DELLEEEEEEE!!!!!  how are you, haven’t seen you since we … well, saw last …  Now my question to you is… For the past decades, the term womanhood as changed/evolved. From your perception what will you say means to be a woman?”




” I honestly don’t know how Somto gave you this Job! Anyway …

Having two generations of women bring me up, I learned quickly what the responsibilities of a woman was. However learning what it meant to be a woman, was left up to me, because according to my mum ‘that was life’s lesson to teach me’, as she could only be an inspiration and an influence.

So learning from my grandma, my mother, my aunties, my sisters, and there I say life,  I would say being a woman means being confident in yourself, in your sexuality, in  your physicality, and your emotions. The duties of a woman can only be fully carried out, when a woman finds her place within herself. It is not about how well you dwell in relationships but how well you can handle them, both romantic and non romantic relationships.  It is not so much about material independence but the mental independence in itself.

So to me, being a woman means Strength. Being a woman means Confidence. Being a woman means Clarity.  Being a woman means Vision. Being a woman means Togetherness.


“Hmm …Bruce! Show me the way!
Kel hunny *Can i call you that*, tell me this, Romantic relationships have changed direction over the past few years. With men and woman having different perceptions of themselves. Do you think it affects Womanhood?







Hmm … In the old days, women were more submissive to the point of almost being invisible. They only took charge in the home, and even at that, their hold on the family only depended on how much the man gave them. Women, and men, these days have realized the strength of a woman. Women are having kids, working, and still keeping the family in check. Women know that their position in their man’s life isn’t in the background, but by his side, supporting him, encouraging him, pushing him to be great. That knowledge that women can be anything they want to be, has helped push womanhood to their full potential.




True say … My wife pulls me through life literally … so i guess men won’t mind thier women being in front of them  its grand in more ways than one .. So! Steph this is a smart one i have here for you … Ah hem* The British-Afghan journalist, Mohadesa Najumi once said ‘A woman who does not require Validation from anyone, is the most feared individual on the planet. Do you agree?



*Looking Utterly confused* er … this is  pretty confusing …. but i’ll take it to mean a woman who does not seek validation from a man is to be feared… Cool? … Ya,  I think the person who wrote this may be coming from a whole different context to me but still I disagree with this wholeheartedly. First I think it’s a misconception that women seek validation from men – every human seeks validation from society, it’s just that society has been dominated by the values of the patriarchy. But the patriarchy is not men, it’s a system that favors men. We seek these traditional validations from other women maybe even more than we seek it from men – in how we look, what we wear, how we do our hair, how we keep our homes, how we raise our children, women judge each other all the time.. We even seek it from within ourselves. How many times do you look at a billboard of a beautiful skinny girl and think ‘shit, I need to exercise or eat less crap,’ then continue to be a slob and eat crap and feel guilty about it? Yeah I agree, if we stopped these stupid rivalries between ourselves and inside ourselves we would be more powerful. But that is nothing to be afraid of. That would be something to celebrate.



“Oh my … this is really powerful … I always told Iffy we should have traded AY (my son) for another Ojae, now here we are …. Sigh* Ms. Bamidele tell me do you think Feminism is influenced by Womanhood?




Yes in certain ways. Both good and bad.  See from my understanding, Feminism started as a way to speak for the rights of women, to uplift women. However I feel like, because a lot of barriers have been broken with the help of Feminism (which in itself is a wonderful thing), people are starting to judge everything with Feminism.
For instance, it is proper etiquette for man to walk on the side of the curb while the lady walks in, and it is also proper etiquette for a man to open a door for a lady. Not because he deems her weak but it’s a sign of respect. Yes it might seem like it makes the man more powerful,  but that essence of power he gains, doesn’t mean the woman is weak or less. It just simply means, he’s acting as guard, a shield against danger, (referring back to the old days where horses used to be more popular on the street).  The theory a friend once said to me while we were discussing this, was that ‘When a king is about to make an entrance and his subjects go before him, does that make him less of a King?’
So because of this, some women believe they are less of a woman, when men displays proper etiquette. Now in that way Feminism has influenced Womanhood, in my opinion a little too much.
This has been a deep look into the crystal ball of a woman and guidelines that may help you define yourself as a woman and look at your woman or females you know a little bit more deeply, of recent a lot of what was spoke on here is often argued about and we felt it was neccessary for us here to join the discussion here at vortex keeping our HB pencils and Adobe Software aside, it was truly an honor to have these 3 beautiful women with me, Will like to thank the the management for giving me this Job, town crier was getting boring with all the sponsor longness, however the show would be coming real soon so stand by, WE DID THIS IN THE MONTH OF APRIL CAUSE WE BELIEVE AT THIS POINT IN TIME THERE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A SEASON TO CELEBRATE THESE EXCEPTIONAL BEINGS we still love the Womens History Month in March … Just saying … Uhm …  Have to go now. The ladies shared thier fav cartoon / comic characters and why the love them take a look under.

Kelechi Ohia – I love Batman i think he’s totally BADASS!!!

Homer Simpson

Stephanie Hegarty – Love Homer from the SIMPSONS he’s so honest with himself

Black widow

Bamidele Sogbesan – Black Widow! She’s elegant, sorta like a ballerina, her vulnerable looks makes it a tool for battle

Arts by; Chike Newman Chike, Moshood Ridwan (Majek Art)
Super Hero arts: Google Images

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