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Today was an amazing time on the Vortex Academy class (BIS) we shared knowledge on the Anatomy of the human body and how it can be easily drawn with shaped and calculation here is a re-cap on what was taught and a few pictures.












Illustration is bringing to reality past experience or imagination. It can be a photograph a pure and detailed explanation or like we all know drawing, however illustration is the

Did you know when illustrating that;

  • The human body length is 7 heads (Oval circles)
  • The Human body is separated into 3 parts (separate in 3 equal parts)
  • The human shoulder length is two heads on each side of the head.
  • The human torso, thighs,legs and feet can be drawn in Triangles to get the perfect dimension
  • The Arm is 2 inches above the knee
  • the hand (palm) is the size of one head (Oval shape)
  • The hand and arm are the same length
  • The wrist to elbow are the same size or close to the size of the feet?

















  • Divided into 3 lines.
  • Eye brow below first line.
  • Nose is 3 circles (one big in the center, 2 small ones on each corner edging into the center circle).
  • Lip is a stretched M (upper lip) and Stretched U (Lower lip).

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