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June XII (Read Here) published by Vortex INC (Real name still unknown) the comic which drew major traction with its October 1st release alongside grand exhibition at the Oriental which showed a host of photographs which spoke of the beauty of Nigeria through eyes of ordinary people, has been picked out by YAC (Youth Against Corruption) a non governmental organisation  to become a brand Representative this would be the second time the fictional character is crossing boundaries into a real life role. Although major parts of the deal can not be closed as a confidential term has been factored, June XII would be standing tall as the Mascot and Brand Insignia for this NGO which has wide coverage in the South-Western & Northern Nigeria.



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Corruption is the fundamental obstacle to our development as a nation, and as a state. The institutional deficiencies that are caused and reinforced by corruption only serve to destroy our chances of rising up to truly be the giant of Africa. The culture of impunity and unaccountability can be placed at the roots of every major problem the country faces today.

The ‘Youth Against Corruption’ is an organisation committed to educating youth about the problems we face as a nation. We are committed to looking for systematic, effective solutions to tackling these problems. We aim to use various media to disperse important information about where our weaknesses lie in order to be able to grow in strength. We look for PEACEFUL ways to bring the endemic corruption that racks our everyday lives to a point of non- existence. More importantly, we are concerned with information. We are concerned with knowledge. These are the tools with which we will outgrow poor governance and the regressive cult of mediocrity.

June XII seems to be slowly becoming iconic and a strong pillar. Created by the Ibrahim Ganiyu a comic veteran in the mid 90s , the title has grown magnanimously being currently on the hall way of BIS & UNILAG FM called the Nigerian savior.

(A) The YAC team

YAC is not just an online platform; the online platform helps to share our work and progress with the general public. Our main work in the medium long term is to focus on engaging with communities, partnerships with sponsors, partnerships with NGO’s and growing our organizational capacity. The group was officially launched on the 1st of October 2014, Nigeria’s Independence Day.




(B) What the partnership Entail?

Basically asides this gives June XII more awareness, it draws a stronger relevance to the comics story as it has moved from being a simple cartoon to a social commentator speaking for the people and educating the youths on integrity, this has ripled to a similar partnership with LEAP Africa which is still in talks with head of Operations Ahmed Alaga, LEAP is also deeply interested in MUMU JUJU created by Etubi Onucheyo as the MUMU WORD Spaz turned alot of heads placing Mortar and Pestle (the main characters) a role in educational content.

  • Social Relevance and Increased Audience
  • Campaign Mascot
  • Gives June XII a voice: Now we know that the content within the comic is not just to intrigue the readers  but with YAC , it is used as a tool for pushing information, opinions and June XII begins to affect real life people and society

(C) Does This Affect Partnership affect WeChat & Others?

No! Not at all, the deal with WECHAT  was more targeted towards the XII Exhibition inspired from the project which would is 2 year deal of fixed sponsorship for the Event so we would be Glad to say the event would happen next year October 1st again and with the team working hard it should be bigger and better. The character June XII in itself is still a lone ranger and the partnership with YAC doesn’t make it unavailable to relationships other brands, However WeChat hold some June XII art works exclusive on their platform and free hosting of the June XII comics first 2 weeks after release to the WeCENTRAL Community an official account on the app.

NOTE: WeChat is 3rd largest Chat Engine in the world.

June XII Ad











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