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“My greatest challenges in my art journey are balancing my work life with my personal life”. – Tamra Bonvillain

Meet the confident, self aware and amazing (slightly awkward)  TAMRA BONVILLAIN our special guest on today’s post on “An Artist Journey” she’s has been the colorist on amazing projects like image comics Rat queens, Marvels Avengers  , Way Ward, Image comics and so much more!


Art by Toyin Ajetunmobi, Vortex Sticker pack (hero lomo)


Can you share with us  your Background, how your art journey began?
I went to a local college for a few years of fine art, and then I went to the Joe Kubert School for 3 years, graduating in 2009.

Wayward – Yokai Panel, ECC 2016


Also we have 1 question along side this which comic out there has been a big inspiration for you?
There’s a ton, but Saga is definitely up there. I think it’s really beautiful and creative. I love how Fiona does her backgrounds, and how the characters contrast so well with them. I quite enjoy the story as well, but I pull more inspiration from the art than anything.











Also if you can share your experience as a woman actively in the comic industry, challenges if any and things to share with upcoming female creatives in the industry?

I think because I’m a colorist that this is probably a different experience from being a writer or line artist, but it hasn’t seemed to negatively affect me in any significant way. None that I’ve noticed. Most of my business is conducted through email, so there’s a separation there, and it’s pretty much all business. If it’s been a factor at all, it’s not something I’ve observed. Maybe I’ve been lucky in that regard, because I know that other people have had more challenges. Also, I feel like if you’re a writer with a certain point of view that is outside of the mainstream, that things can be a lot tougher, and you’d probably run into more problems on that side of things. As a colorist, people only seem to care if the work is good and if you’re reliable, in my experience


Mention Vortex comics you have come across and what your thoughts are on them critically ?

Wrath House
This one looks the strongest to me. The drawings are really nice, and the coloring is pretty good. I feel most qualified to comment on that. I like the color choices the colorist is making, and the rendering is well done. I’d say be careful about the values, because a lot of things are getting kind of flat. It could use some more contrast in general, too. Some areas are looking dull and washed out. But, overall, it looks really good!


Wrath House Created by Chima Kalu (Sign Up to read for free)

The coloring here is more bright and vibrant, and the contrast seems to be handled better overall. Although, sometimes, things get a bit too bright and shiny. Some of the clothing is over saturated, and cloth is rendered as if it were metallic or plastic. Those would look better a little duller and with less extreme hi-lights on them to better simulate cloth. Some of the trees and foliage are over rendered, and get distracting and busy. Those general color choices are good, it’s mostly in the rendering choices that I would make adjustments.

Sankofamaan #1

Sannkofamaan created by Akinseye Brown (Sign Up and read for free)

Strike Guard
I like the vibrancy of the colors here, but some of the palettes start to get busy. I’d try to unify the lighting a bit more. The rendering is a bit rough in some spots, and isn’t describing the form very well, and some materials aren’t reading as what they’re meant to be. Specifically, the metal isn’t really reading as metallic to me

Strike Guard created by Ayodele Elegba (Sign Up to read for free)


Woah! Thats amazing, thank you Tamra Bonvillain for the knowledge this would serve as a key tool to get us further also sharing a few words out of her double packed schedule, we love your work and will continue to push the culture forward here in Africa the best we can. View her gallery of beautiful works done!


Note that all the works here were colored only by Tamra Bonvillain (Click to view more of her works) , follow the artist journey on twitter here


Goodbye! Till next time


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