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On 16th July 2016, the team in partnership with Nickelodeon, Fun Factory and LEGO had a costume part for the children, it started off with a host of activities from LEGO, from building CITY to ROBOTIC training and so much more it was a thrill for the parents as we made our best efforts to shift the paradigm from the REGULAR bouncing castle and run around the soft grass.



The children are the future of Africa as we know it, we need to start grooming thier minds from inception, we can not let thier generation be distracted by the normal things, thinking deeper and visualizing life from another perspective is the key aim of what we are trying to achieve with every vortex event, we are not running in 500’s but the crowd is growing and we are grateful parents and our partners are seeing the value . – Somto Ajuluchukwu , CEO

After that we moved into piecing Nigeria together with Ethan & Harriet jigsaw puzzle boards which systematically teaches kids geography and about various resources you can find in states around Nigeria. This was quite a thrill as we realized alot of kids knew nothing about Nigeria asides lagos, giving us further inspiration on how to educate our kids on thier culture on environment.


Of course we had Vortex comics and merchandise to entertain and leave the children with unforgettable memories of our characters and thier deep culture rooted stories. Check out our recent titles here Ojuju , Ekun & Agabra we currently have Mumu Juju #1 and June XII #1 in print available in Lagos, London, Abuja and James Town, Ghana












To spice things up and intrigue the minds of the Kids following the theme of the event we thrilled the kids with a trivia game on cartoons and all things in the geek sphere called GEEK 101, here the kids answered rounds of questions on thier favorite comics, cartoons and TV shows, the winners took home some NICK goodies, All kids who attended went home with mini LEGO city chopper set!

Geek 101 - Low

Winners Nick







The event was a success and we have to give thanks to everyone who gave us the opportunity to express our ideas and creativity ON OUR OWN TERMS not telling us how to run the show but seeing the dream through our eyes and giving us a platform to express ourselves and not rush our growth. The kids will always be our priority at vortex cause we believe to export the culture we need to start from the roots, from the roots comes the tree and then the branches, we hope to hold another event soon on a much large scale, it would be titled VEXPO simply meaning VORTEX EXPO, it would be focally focused on our comics, toons and  of course activities from our partners. The journey is only about to begin, You are the new Africa.


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