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Anubis By Yussuf Temitope & Akindele Damilola Copyright, Vortex Inc.

As usual we have arrived again with another surprise title ETERNALS: Fall Of  The  Orisha, we have always pushed to advance knowledge on our culture, lifestyle  and  history we have been working on the background in deep research with the   INSIBIDU institute who have supported us along side TERRA CULTURE in  digging deep into African mythology and uncovering facts about our deities to form  a  story that would tie in all African deities in one epic event. This has been going on  for  the past 2 months and  we glad to announce the 1st issue termed “3rd  Conclave” has been approved by our partners and we can now show some EPIC  comic page ripping scenes  to our followers and the world. This means a lot to us

The sub title FALL OF THE ORISHA’S was birth from the question on why the  religious beliefs of African people who were deep rooted in traditionalism  / spiritualism drifted to foreign borne religion and ultimate the fall in relevance which we see today, this is purely fictional but holding deep historical facts and essence. We would be running a weekly Historical facts article every thursday tagged called Eternal fact file and a poetry showcase at the open mic night at BOGOBIRI, Raymond Njoku, Ikoyi. Lagos.




At the beginning there was a huge drop of milk
Then Doondari came and he created the stone.
Then the stone created iron;
And iron created fire;
And fire created water;
And water created air.


Then Doondari descended a second time.
And he took the five elements
And he shaped them into man.
But man was proud.


Then Doondari created blindness and blindness defeated man.
But when blindness became too proud,
Doondari created sleep, and sleep defeated blindness;
But when sleep became too proud,
Doondari created worry, and worry defeated sleep;
But when worry became too proud,
Doondari created death, and death defeated worry.
But when death became too proud,

Doondari descended for the third time,
And he came as Gueno, the eternal one
And Gueno defeated death


Gueno – The Fulani Great


All other images were excerpts from Google. References can be sourced from google image search.

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