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Welcome back to the Eternal Fact file (#2) this is our second blog post as we intrigue you with excerpts of our Mythology / ancient history in this episode we would be sharing an account of romantic affairs between Sango & Oya leading to one of the most catastrophic love triangles that could have ended our universe as we know it.

It is often heard that Oya was once the wife of Ogun before swept away by  Shango, leading to a war that raged for a long time. Here is an account of the turn of event:

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Shango launched his plan into action as soon as Ogun left for the forest to fulfill his tasks of the day. He seized this opportunity to take Oya. who after just a short time could not resist the charms of Shango and fell in love in his arms. Their love, which began in vengeance soon turned into a real love.

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Oya had decided to abandon Ogun and live with Shango in his ILE (house). They could not live without each other and they decided to go to live in his Alafin (palace) which Shango had shared with his sister Dada.

This action caused one of the bloodiest wars ever fought in the kingdom. Even Yemaya had to step in and intervene between Ogun and Shango before the destroyed the planet . She was able to calm them as her powers where well known and respected, as they where well aware she could destroy them with her waters.


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During this time Shango dedicates his attentions on Oya, and this was enough reason to make Ogun furious. Ogun Knew that it would be impossible to win his wife back ; therefore, he went off in the forest and refused to work . This was something that alarmed all the Orisas. as they need his labor to survive. They each one by one tried to convince him to resume his duties but none could succeed.


Mother of the ocean. Mother of Creation. Mother of the Orishas


Even his mother Yemaya failed to bring him back

All Ogun wanted was to be left alone , and he spent much of his time drunk and at peace.

Reference: The Yoruba Religious Concept; Sacred Text Of Yoruba History ; Terra Kulture Yoruba history by the indigenes library archives
The god of thunder and lightening

Photography from Terra Kulture archives

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