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In the past Decade phenomenal artist have given us the best in illustrated content churned out by the publishing power houses like  DC Comics, Valiant, Image, Marvel, BOOM etc. Mr. Carlos Urbano AKA Cafu is one of the talented few who has dedicated years of time, creativity and imagination to give us the best of the best in illustration. After months of haunting down the creative genius he shared a word with us on his journey so far and his thoughts on our very own title WRATH HOUSE ;



How did your art journey begin
I started sending samples to Marvel and DC when I was 16 years old, but my first job was with Image comics at 21. I did some issues for Intimidators. After that, I did my first comic for Marvel, Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, a dream job for me!


Mr. Cafu 3

Greatest challenge so far
I’d say my greatest challenge as a comic artist has been dealing with deadlines. It’s the worst thing about this job, man!

Mr. Cafu 2

San-Diego Comic Con 2013


Daily art work out plan
When I speak about my work out plan I always say that, if I’m awake, I’m working. I only stop to eat! I usually draw 12-14 hours a day and I have some goals to try to finish a daily page. For example, I should finish at least two panels before lunch and 80% of the page before 21:00.

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Advice to young creatives
If you want to work for the american publishers, my advice is to work as hard as you can, read thousands of comics and study the styles of your favorite artists. And, overall, try to improve everyday, every hour! There’s always something we could do better (anatomy, composition, storytelling, textures…)



Whats your favorite Vortex Title
Wrath House! By Chima Kalu

Review / Detailed thoughts on Wrath House 
It’s pretty good! I liked the characters, the atmosphere and the artist’s style is great. I wish you the best luck with this book, guys!


Will Mr. Cafu be doing any arts for the Vortex… Well we are proud to say a cover / Variant art is coming from this KING! Follow Cafu on social media here


Wrath House #2 Cover by Chima Kalu

Wrath House #1 Cover by Chima Kalu











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