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As this is one of my first articles on the website, I’d like to have a simple introduction as to how I and several others experience nerd culture. As long as there have been nerds, they have sought solace in fanon after the inevitable crushing disappointment of canon; this is especially true on the subject of romance. As most forms of popular media are still aggravatingly heterosexual, I don’t think it’s a surprise that most of the pairings on this list are all over the rainbow spectrum. Ask yourself this: “Were these characters of different genders, would they have been together paired already?”


Today I’m not going to talk about the most popular pairings of big fandoms, rather this is a list (in no particular order) of rare and underrated pairings that you should at least be aware of, and at most take a moment to revel in the unresolved sexual/romantic tension.


1. Nyota Uhura/Christine Chapel ||Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)||










Interracial, 1960s, sci-fi femslash? Yes please! Nyota Uhura is from the United States Of Africa and happens to have a massive thing for a certain Nurse Chapel. If the rebooted film series of this classic franchise ever wants to achieve its best life, It will finally show them on the double date with Sulu and his partner that we all deserve.

2. Scott/Isaac/Allison ||Teen Wolf (2011)||










Honestly the most infuriatingly tired, and overused narrative device is the love triangle. It is a trope that I despise and it always just tells me that the writers have just run out of ideas for what to do with their bland, generic romance. So why have an open ended love triangle when you can have a fully functional triad instead? Isaac needs all the love he can get, Allison is too good for just one dude and Scott just has so much love to give! They’re all making eyes at each other anyways!

3. Josh/Jess/Sam/Matt/Emily/Chris/Mike/Ashley ||Until Dawn (2015)||






Now that you think about it, why have a love triangle when you can have a full blown, polyamorous dodecahedron? If there’s one thing we know about young adults left to their own devices in classic horror scenarios, such as this cabin in the woods, is that they are constantly ready to jump each other’s bones. At the end of the day it mostly comes down to the fact that Josh is constantly angling for the decay of their monogamous normalcy, as evidenced by him being very inappropriate with everyone.

4. Storm/Yukio ||Marvel’s X-Men||














Not only did these two spend several Issues saving each other; but one of Ororo Munroe’s (The name Ororo never fails to amuse me) most iconic looks: her punk getup with the silver mohawk, came from her admiration of the way Yukio lived her life freely and openly. If you thought the X-Men couldn’t get any gayer, you were sorely mistaken.

5. Misty Knight/Colleen Wing ||Marvel’s Daughters Of The Dragon||










You know what Marvel? As much as I admire this series starring two capable women of colour, I could also 100% do without the heterosexual male gaze. That being said, Misty and Colleen are badasses who save each other, run a business together and know each other better than anyone else. Misty’s in good with the potential in-laws too, so that’s always a good sign!

6. Bart/Jim(The Waco Kid) ||Blazing Saddles (1974)||










Of all the couples I’ve presented, I fully expect this one to get the most heat for some reason… Nevertheless Blazing Saddles is one of my favourite movies of all time and one of the most grounding and endearing parts of that film was their relationship. Bart would seek solace from the extreme racism of Rock Ridge with The One Good White™; he could have been completely isolated, but jim offered him a friend who truly saw him as equal in every way; always encouraging him to rise to the occasion and assisting him in his trials. While Jim had his first genuine relationship with another human being in a long time, finally putting his skills to good use and curbing his alcoholism. This is a relationship where they complement and better each other, what’s not to admire?

7. Jem/Pizzazz ||Jem And The Holograms (1985)||










Not only is Pizzazz one of my favourite villains of all time due to her complete lack of remorse or compromise when it comes to achieving her pop stardom dreams; she clearly has an infatuation with her arch-nemesis: Jem. Jem and The Holograms make songs about friendship making the world go round, where The Misfits seem to try their absolute hardest to antagonise their listening audience. I love a good opposites attract storyline and if Pizzazz ever decided to graduate from pigtail pulling, maybe they too could have that double date with Stormer and Kimber.

8. The Hex Girls ||Scooby Doo||










I don’t think I’ve seen a more obvious triad of supportive, vegan, environmentally conscious witches. The Hex Girls are the most Tumblr creation that the pre-Tumblr world has to offer and I live for the coordinated 90s goth aesthetic. Thorn, Dusk and Luna (Seriously) did indeed put a spell on me and now all I want are bat shaped accessories and non-ironic chokers.

9. Marcus Holloway/Wrench ||Watch Dogs 2 (2016)||










Anarchist hacker boyfriends? This is literally the most self indulgent pairing on the list (which is saying a lot), but honestly watch all their cut scenes together and tell me that they’re not in love. I dare you. Take a word of advice from the game as interpreted by me: If you find someone who is willing to destroy capitalism and can make Star Trek: Deep Space 9 references with you, keep them close.

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