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Hello VX Lovers! Hope the weekend was as amazing as it was for us, we had the very talented art genius Jon Cavanaugh work with us on a SPIRIT WAR cover! SPIRIT WARS would be officially dropping on 11th of February 2017 and we so excited about our universal cross over event happening where you get to experience all our characters in one book! Check out the downloadable High resolution cover by Jon Cavanaugh at the end  of the interview!
Jon Cavanaugh 1
(1) Hi Jon, Tell us about your inspiration that drove you into art (How did it start) and also about your career so far, projects you’ve worked on etc.

I’ve been drawing for my entire life. Comics really started that for me. Growing up and just being consumed by the X-Men and the Justice League, simply fascinated by these characters and wanting to draw them and give them life. My entire career I’ve been freelance and with that I always try to keep an open mind. Love tackling new challenges, collaborations and projects as they come my way.

(2) Who inspires you to push the boundaries like you do in illustration?
What have been the biggest challenges you faced as an illustrator?
What have been your most memorable projects  and why?
Have you created any characters of your own? (If yes tell us more, if no why?).

Two names come to mind when it comes to pushing boundaries. That’s Alex Ross and Jim Lee. Just two amazing artists who have amazed me with their works since I even picked up a comic book. My biggest challenges have always been staying inspired. Think sometimes it’s easy to fall into a void where you don’t have the proper muse to get the creative juices flowing. It’s tough to pick one project I find memorable – in college I did an excerpt of a personal graphic novel for my final project and that was a solid week of not sleeping and sketching, digitally coloring, and scripting dialogue all for a class. I’ve definitely created my own characters from time to time but they don’t see much action after the fact, none of them are very original.

GambitGL Corp
(3) Your advice to young illustrators out there? What do you think about the comic industry here in Africa ?

For anyone out there with a passion in art, never stop. Draw every day. Even when you have no idea what to draw just scribble. Take on new challenges, keep an open mind, and never be afraid to fail. The comic industry in Africa seems to be blossoming at a rapid rate. It’s so exciting to see various cultures display their creative genius in this medium.

Jon Cavanaugh 2
(4) Kindly share with us your thoughts on this title: ?

The characters and stories vortex247 are making are outstanding. Very fun and original story lines and unique characters with memorable designs. You can’t ask for more and I for one am super excited to see what else is brought to the table.



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