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Have you visited the Vortex today,

Basically Vortex is your one stop creative content shop, with the new web experience you can enjoy comics, cartoons and tutorial art videos from Vortex Academy from our local best creators and so much more. The site was termed Ragnarok II, this name was drawn from Final Fantasy game series by Square Soft (Square Enix) this was a strong unmatch-able weapon, the team hoped to strike the same balance with the site as they believe that Platform would be a defining tool in redefining African content, its power reach and capacity.

The revolution has started, the site didn’t get as much traffic as intended as the first day barely over 200 Visits, but the ad campaign picked up and the site has had about 3000 visits which are slowly converting to sales.

Charles Nwachebelu has been getting questions if direct sale of comics are a smart way to spread out the content and get people involved with the story here was his response

“Well basically there’s a lot of work that goes into the production of these titles and we would love to make people understand that we need support and the sweat shouldn’t be taken for granted, we can’t go on Kick-starter but every 1 0r 2 dollars you pay for the product helps in the production of the next also we incorporated with our issuu premium account the “Preview” feature so you can view the comic before purchasing


Comic – Preview












we also have the “News”  what we call the “cockododdle daily” by Lotanna so you know exactly what you are about to purchase, so have fun navigate through and make sure the dollar is worth it, we even encourage that cause we want to sell value, we want to have those people that come hiss when the see its for sale, but come back in the middle of the night and say whats 2 dollars anyway … We invest alot of time and energy on the build up to comics so when it goes up for sale you know its good, even the follow up after is heavy


News Page













Its more than content its Interaction – William Nwogbo

It was important to us that you can be a part of the site although we are still working on the features at the back end we want you to connect with the comics and the platform in more than a supply to demand basis we want to know what you love, and connect you in small groups with people like you that love the same titles, can’t let out some features but it would be a remote community, one our viewers will see grow and enjoy.


Favorite Page









When is our store open?

Not sure, what i can confirm to you is that we have made our listing and line up of products that would be coming in via shipment, so be expecting some cool Mumu Juju accessorizes, Strike Guard T-shirts, June XII Badges and a host of other cool stuff, who knows maybe a toy, who knows, but you didn’t hear that from me though, so the store is dormant for now, but by the New Year January our shipment would be in and its open season!


“We need to develop a patronage culture here in Nigeria, we need to monetize this art, once we do kids would graduate and be dreaming to work at the Vortex and know the salary would be all they imagined, the time is now” – Michael Kayode

The store is promised to be super fun with streamlined options.











Watch Something, the site has so many unseen Vortex Animations you really should check it our, the site was centered around simplicity we would upgrade Bi-Monthly but we would love to make the site Lite and remove as many unnecessary features as we can.

We Love Our Good guys & Villians:

Its important to us that fans and newbies connect with Vortex Characters, our creators have gone through a great deal in formulating this guys and we would love that they are as perfect as can be, this doesn’t just apply to Protagonist but the villains as well, the villains are integral parts of the mix and we want people to know them.












Too Pricey, We are Sorry!!

Yes we know our prices are a bit off the top not to worry we would be crashing them soon, with the proposed partnership with BITPESA the first BITCOIN vendor in Nigeria (BITCOIN is digital universal currency) we would be able to crash prices using PAGA as a mobile money export, Somto has been in talks with Elizabeth Rossiello (Bitcoin) and Daniel Oparison (Paga) on making a simple this is confirmed and would happen latest by new year you have our word, a seamless mobile money update for Ragnorak 2.1 (Website update) will be integrated with this we can have cheaper options for the comics other than the 3rd party expensive packs. Till then, bear with us the titles are worth it.


The site is okay, it really just works and serves the purpose a 5/10 on my book, but like everything else, it will surely grow – Somto Ajuluchukwu

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