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Hello VX Plus lovers! We had the opportunity to catch up with the coolest Geek on the planet and one of the most priced talents Vortex has engaged with over the year Sia Paknazar, the crazy, soft spoken intellectual shares a few of his experiences and inspirations, Meet SIA!

  • Guys, Tell us about your inspiration that drove you into art (How did it start) and also about your career so far, projects you’ve worked on etc

    Start with simple sketches (line art most of the time). then middle color and the rest of progress, such as lighting … DC arts, Marvel Arts majorly and of course … Vortex Spirit Universe! 

    Bat ironheart

  • Who inspires you to push the boundaries like you do in illustration
    What have been the biggest challenges you faced as an illustrator
    What have been your most memorable projects  and why
    Have you created any characters of your own? (If yes tell us more, if no why?).
    Well as a artist, there are many !! like Adi Granov, Andy Park, Felipe Massafera, Alex Ross and Marko Djurdjevic for example (If I understand the question correctly my biggest challenges, be a realistic style artist!  Memorable projects was my thesis project, because that was a first time i used my digital painting skills on very serious project !!!
    Yes i created lots of characters, game characters, comics even for animation but most of them was personal. well just can say learning ,practicing and then more learning & practicing !!!Snister
  • Your advice to young illustrators out there?
    An artist must be a sociologist, physicist, philosopher, photographer … never stop knowing things !!____65____
  • Advice for the emerging comic industry in Africa?
    seriously i have no idea about the comic industry in Africa !!   but i’m sure there is a many potentials and talents ! and the great story’s to tell !
  • What is your favorite comic on the Vortex Palm Front Library?“Iranti” ! That was first thing drew my curiosity !SPIRIT WARS is our first Vortex Spirit Universe cross-over event comic series which plays with the dynamic traditional worship in a modern religious society. Here there is a war between Angels and African ancient deities this war spins earth and her people into chaos leaving the SPIRIT GUARDIANS as the last hope for humanity and in center of an even deeper plot. 

SPIRIT WARS Alternative Cover Art by Sia Pakanazar


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