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Covers of Strike Guard #4 and #5















Strike Guard #4  &  #5 is out and the fans have been raving about the epic battle which went down with death in LIMBO, the build up was also received well with the face-off between Ajagbeja and the fallen angel Moriach, the cross between Religious and Traditional Mythos has opened doors to a new angle of readership which are embracing a whole unique angle of our culture.

Meet the team that put the project together as our art director gives a full load down on how his vision for the new wave of Vortex titles coming and how an influx of comics with quality art can change the paradigm and consumer behavior of the industry.


Newman Sipping from his Town Crier Mug at The Vortex Pawn Shop / Comic Workshop











I joined Vortex only 2 months ago, but the vision i met is strong and daring, violent if i can say that, theres respect but no fear, no presence just an insatiable drive to create and expand, we are more focused on the product here that is important to me cause i’ve always longed for a place where we could do this full time and professionally and i’m loyal to the dream and cause.

Future Plans:

Currently we are working on strengthening our conference writing, getting a deep and more DEDICATED freelance art network … saying these things …. i only thin about how much we spend monthly, compared to our earnings i really admire the courage of the board and CEO Somto Ajuluchukwu his belief in the projects and direction is really something i admire … he lets me do my job and trust my decisions, it totally inspires me to do more.

I can’t tell you more what i can is the Vortex Universe is one hell of a ride and you would thoroughly enjoy the soon coming print editions which we did special posters for it all began from SG issue 5, its inspired a whole new universe of blood pumping action.


JIMMY KING – Line Artist SG #4

Jide Briggs

JIDE ADEBIMPE – Line Artist #5











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