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The tide is here again, Vortex Presents the 4th & 5th edition of your local super hero story STRIKE GUARD on 5th of March! We apologize for breaking our several promises on bringing you prints on SG along side the Bi-Monthly release,  but we hope to make up for our transgressions as we grow further, After a ton of fan mail which placed some details on the comic under the microscope we at Vortex have done our due diligence on improving the SG comic book series, we solely make this for fans and would continue to place you, our readers as our foremost priority.

Anyway here is all the Juicy bits on what you need to know on both Strike Guard #4 and #5 with no spoilers, before this lets give a recap of the story so far …



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Abolaji Coker is a student of the university of Lagos, and living about the most average definition of the Nigerian lifestyle, when his love interest Chi Chi is involved with the capon (leader) of a cult gang which results to  the mindless murder of both him and his best friend Peter Antai, abolaji finds himself in limbo where he cuts a deal with Ajagbeja a lost soul of a deity who was a general in the army of Sango to come back to life but on one condition, to share his body with the soul of Ajagbeja, he doesn’t come back the same but as part deity part man. The Story begins

In issue 1 Strike Guard battles the bead maiden a sorceress which was a foe of Ajagbeja for his ills in the past, she makes her way to the realm of the living for vengeance wreaking havoc as she strides, strike guard saves the day or does he? the story goes deeper in issue 2 as Abolaji coker seeks to mend his broken relationship with Chi Chi which has been masked with lies since his reincarnation, bad luck strikes again, a bank robbery at the same bank Chi Chi’s mother is making a transaction at misfortune falls her mother is shot point blank at the verge of life and death, coincidence? Strike Guard goes after the rouge armed robbers in Issue 3 as he gets a lead on the king pin, meanwhile something sinister is brewing in the heavens an angel failed in his duties has fallen from grace, this Angel is the guardian of Chi Chi mothers soul. Deeper, deeper we go.


Well you know  that Angel, yes … the one that has been falling up and down since Issue 2 … yes! he finally shows his face here and confronts Strike Guard, i’ll leave the outcome of that to you when you read the FREE 7 day trail before you support SG on the vortex store by purchase … you’re going to support … right? Who is this winged celestial being, what is his mission, what does Strike guard have to do with this find out


Page from #4 – Angel Loki, Uncle Ajagbz Green Misty & Abolaji Coker have an Oprah talk
























We can’t speak too much on this or at all without spoiling 4 completely, but we have some solid poetry from an idol in art we truly admire at the Vortex.

A Yoruba Incatation

Death catches the hunter with pain.
Eshu catches the herbalist in a sack.
Shonponna is the snake that dies
And carries its children away.
Shonponna uses the invisible calabash
To kill two hundred people.
Eshu hands the invisible calabash to Shonponna.
The black soil of the earth is on the farm.
The red soil of heaven is in the grave.
You my child,
Oludande, you born-to-die,
Return from the red soil of heaven,
Come and eat the black soil of this world.

from Black Orpheus 22 (1967)



#5 – Death and its passengers.



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