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Hi Rob, Tell us about your inspiration that drove you into art (How did it start) and also about your career so far, projects you’ve worked on etc.

Well it kind fell in my hands. When I was 8 I realized that not only did I enjoy drawing, I was good at it. Lol It was the only thing my big brother wasn’t better then me at and I knew it was something special. I always wanted to be the best, so that has been my drive for awhile now I’d say. I don’t wait for inspiration I grind through it by well just drawing. Many failed scribbles and sketches and sooner or later it leads to an idea. That’s how you create inspiration don’t care about failing just keep working till you get your initial idea across.

I started my career in animation as an intern at Imajimation in Los angeles, they created music videos, character designs, Intellectual properties for clients, and their comic/franchise Blokhedz, a dope book and animation check it out online.  Then I started working in Nyc. I’ve worked in many industries, from music videos, show pitches, comics, and character designs, to animated presentations and concepts for pharmaceuticals companys and to concept and production art for video games. I try to keep my horizons very broad so that I get as much experience everywhere and never get stale or turn into a 1 trick pony.

Who inspires you to push the boundaries like you do in illustration

Well myself initially, I set the bar high for myself. If I’m not as good as the artists who work on animated feature films such as Disney or my favorite artists (Joe maduriera or Lesean Thomas), then I keep pushing forward.

What have been the biggest challenges you faced as an illustrator

Drawing hands and feet, that shit is always hard lol. Besides that I would say backgrounds, don’t like doing them.

What have been your most memorable projects  and why.
Blokhedz, it’s a comicbook/animation franchise, look them up. If you ask any of my close friends they will tell you I’m a huge hip hop fan, not the music..but the culture bboying (breakdancing) graffiti…everything. And blokhedz is all of that, it radiates hip hop. Not to mention the crew was dope to work with.

Have you created any characters of your own? (If yes tell us more, if no why?)
I have a few ideas right now, not sure what direction I want to take them. But do I have one I’m growing a strong interest in “mutt” a bboy pirate ninja. I already had a few artists draw him I’m thinking of either making him an toy or go full in and make it a comic.

Your advice to young illustrators out there
Don’t stop drawing, don’t throw away bad sketches, you’ll never know they may be inspiration in the future when you look back at them, happens to me all the time. Be persistent, just because one door closes doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Keep working to perfect your craft and keep posting your work online, sooner or later the right people will notice. Persistence is key, know your value, and procrastination is the killer of dreams. Also NEVER FEAR FAILURE, YOU’RE GONNA FAIL MANY MANY TIMES…GET UP, LEARN FROM IT.



What do you think about the comic industry here in Africa ?
I haven’t had a chance to look deeper in it, but from what I have seen, I’m digging it. Like many other artists from other nations, each one puts their own spin, style, stories and perspective into comics, illustration and animation, which I love.

Kindly share with us your thoughts on the EKUN COMIC SERIES
So far I’m digging the character. I like his character design. Very bold and stylized.


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