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Its been a time of breaking glass ceilings in the Nigerian creative industry for Vortex this last quarter but an essential path of growth is innovation and Diversity, we had a chance to meet up with Tobey – Truestory AKA Stanley Anderson the creator of the manga web-comic IMPISHA and now writer of and producer of the J12 Manga series.  Its no surprise to us the depth of Stanley’s writing but with the new Manga taking off on a story of its own Stanley is doing some amazing work representing June XII as a complete spiritual entity, Listen to his word here:





“What inspired June XII manga #2″



14610864_10208097482696272_2901677680953796165_n  I have somewhat of an end game with June XII, all spiritual/African inspired stuff. The main  villain is Laluu, and his goal is just chaos, of course. However, he has humans working for him.  They all believe he’s trying to form a race of people with power. An ideal world where       the  weak get   eaten by the strong. So, they are manipulating Lagos and nearby regions                  alongside other cult organizations are working to sit Laluu on a throne, all the while          convincing the populous that strength is the way to go. Of course, June XII and Hope are                                                all about compassion.









How did you come about your art style?




    I like to try different things. I like what I’ve got going on, though I’d like to have more time         with it. I’m not about crazy detail, because, while details are neat, it’s a lot of work, and I’d         rather get the story told.






Stanley in action

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Whats the new direction, how do you want to balance the international and local audience with the  story?




14610864_10208097482696272_2901677680953796165_n  Since it’s manga style, it can go anywhere that niche is accepted. While it may take place in           Lagos, I’m an American, writing and drawing it, so I believe international audiences will be           able   to relate to it cause of the clash of cultures not orchestrated but entwined in the production






Manga Cover 2



Exclusive - Stanley Anderson RE-IMAGINES June XII
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