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Umineko no Naku Koro ni
(By the time without the black-tailed gull)

The Ushiriyoma Family is known for its Large mass of wealth and each year as a family tradition every member of the family is gathered at the secluded island home of the patriarch of the family, the Elderly Kino Ushiriyoma. Our main Character is Battler Ushiriyoma who has spent 6 years away from the family and its yearly meetings, joined by his cousins their happy reunion is then overshadowed by a terrible weather and an eerie premonition from his youngest cousin. When the conversation between the parents is turned in to an argument over the family inheritance and how it is to be divided upon the death of the family head. The kid on the other hand are reminded of an old tale they heard as kids about a witch named beatrice whom the servants called the owner of the house when the sun goes down, battler being a person of science and proven facts begins to question the logic of his cousins as well as the servant in the house who are strong believers in the existence of Beatrice the Golden Witch… All seems like a normal family meeting and argument until the brutal death of his father, step mother, uncle, his cousins lover who is also one of the servants in the house as well as other family members. This sends the entire family into turmoil as they begin to wonder who is killing everyone and how the person is doing it, Marie his youngest cousin says its the work of beatrice, but Battler is stubborn and headstrong and is willing to go to any lengths to prove tis the work of another person within the family mansion, but the problem with this is there are only 18 people accounted for in the family mansion.. Who is the 19th person, how is the person committing these gruesome murders, and who is beatrice that she is so highly feared by the members of the house, except for battler. The story take the reader on a psychological ride as you try and try to figure out how these murders can be done by the hands of a person, you are made to see the case from both the eyes of battler as he looks at it from a scientific point of view and from the part of Marie and the servants who believe in the existence of the Golden Witch beatrice and her reign of terror on the family and the estate..

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