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Owari no Serafu is a post-Apocalyptic comic based in the year 2012 around the life of an orphan named  Yuuichirou (Yuu) of the Hyakuya orphanage , who is among the human survivors of earth after a mysterious virus has killed every human above the age of 13. As the Virus reduces the human population, the vampires also begin to rise up from the darker corners of the earth enslaving the remaining humans, Yuuichirou along with the rest of the children in the orphanage he grew in are treated as livestock for their Vampiric rulers, but even in his captivity Yuu has bigger dreams, but his biggest dream is to kill vampires, and he wants to kill all of them.. From the first episode one is introduced to the life of Yuu and his fellow orphans as they are, but one other orphan draws the attention of readers and that is Yuu’s best friend Mikaela (Mich), during their plot to escape they are seen to be the last two survivors of the escape as they along with the other children are attacked by one of the vampire royals named Ferid Bathory. Yuuichirou is shown to be the only one to survive and escape and is then later a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army with the help of his new friends and team mates Yoichi Saotome, Shiho Kimizuki, Mitsuba Sangū,  and their commanding officer Guren Ichinose, along with their demon partners(weapons), but all that is changed when he is made to question wether killing all vampires is reasonable as his best friend Mikaela is later brought back as a vampire who rejects drinking human blood but drinks the blood of his sworn vampire mistress… The twists and turns are captivating, the plot is addictive and in some areas suspenseful, but it also allows you as the reader to experience almost everything with the characters their pains and struggles. Yet in some way it also reminds one of Naruto as it has that similar brotherly love between the two best friends, as well as the want for power based in destruction of an entire race albeit the race did bring upon themselves the hatred and despite of the remaining human race, the difference though is in how they portray it, Making us the reader see the revenge seeking Yuuichirou as the good guy an wondering if Mikaela is going to turn against his constant urge to reject human blood or if he will turn full vampire, and what may happen to the relationship between them as they are shown to be on opposites sides of the war between humans and vampires.


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I'm a Jedi from the tribe of Eko, but i have slowy drifted to the dark side... now i shoot bolts from my fingers.. Lol.. I'm just your regular geek who wants to share his thoughts with you guys and gals

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