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We received word from the comic studio yesterday as Vortex head of Ops Mike Kayode mentioned that the release of JSA (June XII – Spirit Of Africa) will have to be pushed back a few more weeks to bring the true pan african experience at her optimum level …

We feel all kinds of hate for the comics team right now as we have been waiting patiently for the release of JSA ever since we heard Sannkofamaan was to feature as guest character in the series and it was a campaign for UNICEF / UN anti-violence in Africa project. The JSA top classified project which even us the vortex editorial team have not managed to squeeze out information on what the STORY ACTUALLY IS ABOUT asides that it will not drop this month of may, imagine … All that Brittany Lewis goodness denied … all that Jimmy King vibrations … sigh … does this comic really exist or is it another illusion of the man in green? In conversation with Dele Sogbesan Editor-In-Chief at Vortex Comics, she assured us (of course doing her job) that the project was being held back for the best and gave us a date FINALLY! for SPIRIT OF AFRICA … wait for it … Dum! dum! dum!

JUNE 12, 2017  – June XII: Spirit of Africa

I guess we are supposed to be excited now -____-  Anyway incase you didn’t know thats the name of the main character of the series and significant day in Nigerian politics / historical government. We pray this comic doesn’t end up being a social studies text book. We have been waiting for JSA since FEBRUARY and we are beginning to wonder if  Jimmy King and his team plan to make the characters jump out the pages and begin to do shoki with the readers on the VX Site when its published. Anyway we have great news following our shattered dreams of experiencing JSA . We have JUNE XII ISSUE 6 set to drop on 28th of May 2017!!

We understand that setbacks need to happen and are an occupational hazard and price the fans must pay but please, not for JSA we are too gassed about this. Here is how we have waited unending …



J12 C

June XII Ad

In other news June XII Original Issue 6 has been said to be massive, Toyin Ajetunmobi resident artist & content executive at Vortex Comics has been dropping some teasers via facebook along side Somto Ajuluchukwu (whom we have been working hard to get to stop using his facebook) and finally we have a date and a POSTER. Written by the Deity himself Ibrahim Ganiyu, we expect this to be epic.


Toyin Says “Lets make June XII great again” (Thats what Trump said before running america down the toilet)

Somto say “June XII is  Fire” (who knows which one he’s talking about, he says the most)

Anyway in Toyin we trust! Valuable sources tell us that this project has been a pet piece for him and he would be working on it all by himself both colors and lines, so we are excited to see how this comes out. The cover themed after The Wicked + The Divine made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Is June XII coming back to own this summer for real?!

Lets see MAY 28 – 05 -17 to be released at the Comics & Everything Hangout at ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast.

Cover (Hope)


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